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Bulk Pick-Up Week


Residential bulk waste collection will be provided monthly on scheduled collection days. See map at the bottom of this page for your collection day.

Please adhere to the following collection rules: 

  • Bulk waste is to be placed not more than three (3) feet from the curb or roadway in front of your residence.
  • Yard trash may be placed in your roll-out cart. Excess yard trash not placed in a roll-out cart must meet the followig requirements with regard to any single piece of material:
    • the weight shall not exceed forty (40) pounds
    • the material must be less than six (6) feet in length and less than six (6) inches in diameter
    • the material shall be neatly stacked, tied or secured in such a manner that prevents spillage when collected.
  • Certain loose bulk trash items: (i.e. concrete rubble, rock, gravel, etc.) must be set out in a container with the weight of the contents not to exceed forty (40) pounds.
  • Glass items/materials must be placed in a sturdy, rigid container(s) for safe collection. Do not place glass items in with regular bulk items. Instead place the glass items adjacent to the bulk items to facilitate separate handling. 

Bulk trash accepted: 

  • Household goods - appliances, furniture, mattresses, toys, carpets (bundled and tied in correct lengths and weight), and other items normally found in the household.
  • White goods - washer dryer, stove, refrigerator, air conditioners are collected (freon must be removed and tagged accordingly).
  • Incidental debris from self-home improvement projects is permitted.
  • Only resident generated repair debris materials will be collected.
  • Horticulture waste - trimmings from bushes, shrubs, frons, branches may be placed in the cart or as described above under Yard Trash.

Bulk trash NOT accepted: 

  • Construction debris - construction or building materials from commercial contractor generated work is not accepted.
  • Automobile or marine parts, engines, etc.
  • Miscellaneous - no dirt, rocks or sod.
  • Absolutely NO hazardous wastes.
  • Do not mix garbage with bulk.

Please contact Waste Management Bulk Collection Customer Service Department at 954.974.7500 if you have any questions.


Multi-Family Bulk Collection Program:

Bulk collection shall be provided monthly on the scheduled bulk collection day. Collection at each complex shall not exceed six (6) cubic yards or bulk waste.

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