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City Commission Expresses Zero Tolerance for Speeding

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In response to the resident concerns about the ongoing speeding problem in Cooper City, the City Commission has encouraged BSO to "step-up" traffic enforcement, with a zero tolerance policy for drivers who ignore speed limits and stop signs.  All members of the Commission were in agreement that action must be taken to deter drivers from exceeding speed limits throughout Cooper City.

It was stressed that every officer should be ticketing every driver who is speeding. Residents are complaining and they are afraid for their children's safety, but they are also the ones who are speeding. The Commission complimented BSO's enforcement activities and shared that District 16 deputies issued a total of 534 tickets citywide, just during the month of August. A Labor Day weekend traffic blitz resulted in 141 tickets. Speeding violations have warranted 358 tickets on SW 118th Avenue and 146 tickets on SW 49th Street alone for the year to date.

Acknowledging that BSO must "walk a fine line" between enforcement and community relations, It was stressed that BSO make a concerted effort and take whatever measures are necessary to curb this problem. Captain Cates has full authority to enforce the City's speed limits and issue any citations that are necessary. Captain Cates agreed that speeding in dense urban areas is a chronic problem throughout South Florida and will develop a strategy to hit this issue hard to gain community compliance.

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