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Cooper City

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1.    Any residence holding a garage sale must obtain a permit prior to the first date of sale.  A Garage Sale Permit may be purchased at City Hall for the cost of  $5.00.  Failure to do so will result in the issuance of a citation. 

2.    The permit provides for two (2) consecutive days only; in the event of cancellation, said permit is NOT transferable. 

3.    No more than (1) garage sale may be held in any six-month period. 

4.    Up to four (4) signs are permitted and each sign shall legibly indicate the street address of the garage sale upon the front or back of the sign.  Signs must be posted on private property only.  Placement on public property and/or rights-of-way, including swales, street corners, telephone poles, etc., is in violation of Ordinance 83-10-1 of the Cooper City code, and may result in a fine not exceeding $500.00. 

5.      Placement of sale items is restricted to garage, carport and driveway areas.

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