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Kudos to Carlos Vega!

June 13, 2016 

Hi Celia and Matt,

My wife and I are in the process of our first major exterior home upgrade since we bought our house in Rock Creek in 2009, and I just wanted to let you both know how appreciative we both are for the professional, patient and courteous assistance Carlos has provided to us as we try to plan out this project.

In my experience, it is very rare to come across someone who is willing to take the time to not only pro-actively research the zoning requirements for my specific needs but also to patiently explain them to a layman like myself. It has made our designing process so much easier and has relieved a lot of our stress and concern about going through the permitting process. I really cannot express enough how much of a help this was for us and can only say thank  you all again for your part in making Cooper City such a great place to live!

Writing you this small note of appreciation was the very least I could do.


Reuven Schwarz

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