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Cooper City

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On Monday, December 4th, the City Hall parking lot will close for renovations. Parking for all City Hall business, such as building permits, passports, and utility payments has been provided on the EAST side of SW 90th Avenue in the paved swale area.

We ask that you please park on the paved swale area in front of the golf course. DO NOT park in the golf course parking lot. Handicap parking may be found close to City Hall, in the back of the American Legion parking lot on SW 51st Street.


Signage will provide directions for temporary parking and pedestrian walking path, south to the crosswalk at SW 51st Street, where visitors may make their way to City Hall through Memorial Park. Please review the attached map and share this important advisory with your Cooper City friends and neighbors.

This construction project will last for approximately 60 days. We appreciate your cooperation during the construction and will do everything we can to expedite the work. Thank you for your cooperation. 

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