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Paying Your Utility Bill Just Got Easier!

Now you can pay your utility bill with your bank's bill pay service. In response to resident concerns about additional fees and payment delays, we have implemented a new system which is more efficient and credits payments to your utility account within days. Cooper City residents will no longer have the deal with delays in account crediting and there will be no added cost for this service.

If you're curious about the technology behind this improvement, the City has implemented a new service called Paymode Concentrator, which allows our residents to pay their monthly utility bill online from their home. Paymode provides for the payment to be electronically transferred to our bank, which will in turn forward the detailed information for the City to update the financial system.

There are various benefits associated with implementing this new program. Not only will Cooper City residents receive prompt credit to their utility accounts, but the City will gain a much more efficient method of processing utility payments.


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