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Cooper City

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Cooper City Receives National Recognition for Conservation

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Honey Rand, Ph.D., APR
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AWWA Published Article in National Journal

Over the last several years Cooper City has received Regional, State and National awards for programs ranging from outreach and community relations to conservation and the quality and taste of their water.

This month Cooper City Utilities is highlighted in the National Journal of the American Water Works Association.

Michael F. Bailey, Cooper City Utilities Director explains how and why Cooper City elected to invest in conservation, education and technology over seeking an additional allocation of water and building new infrastructure to treat and deliver it.

In his Inside Insight, here’s what Journal Editor Michael J. McGuire tells people about the article, “I love stories like this in which a relatively small utility uses creativity, grit, and smarts to educate, engage, rebate, and partner with its customers to achieve significant conservation targets. Cooper City really is someplace special.”

“Our investment in conservation was significant,” Bailey points out, “but it’s a fraction of the cost of water and new infrastructure.”

Bailey reports that the conservation program has worked well and that Cooper City residents continue to conserve. As Florida watches the horrific California drought, people may be thinking about the future.

“Basically, we’re at sustainable yield,” Bailey says. “We can maintain our quality of life with the water allocations we’ve been given. We just need to keep appreciating how precious it is.”

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